Sorry, it might be a month to 4 months before I get it on my web. Maybe more. I didn't even get to my final copy. I'm working as much as I can. On an adverage lined paper, it will probabily take up about 30 pages. And if that is not enough, I hae to type it yet. Stop by about once every week. I do have these pictures I made (it took a LONG time). Also if you were wondering what it was called, it iscalled "N. E. A. T. Adventures. Some of these people you might reconize. I just found the closest people that looked like them on google and also the house. ENJOY!

p.s. Pretent trudy is 16 too. Also, so you don't get confused, Nelly is 10.

I forgot this story I made. ENJOY!!

Sorry that it is hard to read. It wouldn't let me copy and paste it in a paragraph.




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