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    There are some neat games here. There is a game where you guess what the sentence says. There is a survey. There is also a challenging math problem. And more. There will probabaily be more games in the future. HAVE FUN!!!

Check out the bottom!

    For this game, you have to find out what the sentence says. Then send in a comment and who ever sends in the first comment with the correct answer will have their first name put  on my website!

What does it say?




About the Survey

    You might be wondering how to play. I will have a survey  and some answers. Pick what answer best matches you and send a comment with your answer. If you a question that you have to have a number for an answer and you don't have an number that is an opsion, for example, 8 hours and 30 minutes, 6 hours and 10 minutes, or 6.362, round it off or pick another number. When I see that enough people partisapated, I will count the votes and I will put the votes on the tab called News.  

Do you have any pets(fish count)?



    Are you a math master? Are you willing to take the challenge? If you said "yes" to one of these questions, then this is a game for you! For this game you have to find out what the correct answer is. Two rules, do not use a calculater and do not ask someone to do it for you. Have fun.

What does A+B equal?


Optical Illusions

Are these lines straight?

I made these. Are the lines straight?

Are they moving?

Are "a" and "b" the same color?

Move your head farther from the screan.

Look in the center and the dots will disappear.

Is it flat, or standing?

Do you see the witch and the girl?

Are they diffrent? Look carefully.


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