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veronica- true story
2/27/2009 09:16:07 am

I went to a great vacation last year in Wildwood NJ. We stayed at the Adventurer Ocean Fount Inn. It is the closest hotel to the boardwalk. We called earlier then you usually do, so we got a penthouse for the first time at a great price! I was the only one who liked it because the rest of my family liked the regular cramped room. they said we can see each other more often. Since my brother refused to sleep with me, I got my own room! In that room I had a flat screen tv, a king bed, a clock, 2 small dressers and one big one, and I had half the closet. I only got half because it was the only closet there. My brother slept on a pool out bed. My brother and I shared a bathroom and my mom and dad shared a bathroom There were two doors that led to a huge balcony. Our room faced the beach and we had a pretty good view of the boardwalk. There are three piers on the boardwalk and almost all of the boardwalk is stores, restaurants, and arcades. Our hotel has a pool(a kind of big one) and an arcade. Sometimes I still feel like I'm going to cry because I left. No doubt that was my greatest vacation EVER!

3/5/2009 07:08:01 am

One time a few years ago my sister Cassie was at her last basketball game. She was sitting out and decided to play around. She started to hang on a banister above a stair-well. The drop if you fell was 6 feet. She ended up falling and broke her arm.
- savannah burns

3/6/2009 06:18:33 am

This story will tell you what it is like being a ferret.

Once there was a ferret. She was locked up in her cage, waiting until her owner came back from school. To pass the time, she fell asleep. All the sudden a huge hand reached into the cage. Eager to run, she could not. She got lifted out of the cage. It was a familiar face, one she had seen before. She soon realized it was her owner. She was happy that she had finally escaped the cage. She tried to squiggle out of the grip to examine the room she had not seen in hours and to run freely to explore. The grip was too tight to escape from. She watched her self move faster than she can over to a nice sheet. She sunk into it as soon as she touched it. Her owner scratched her on the stomach and under her chin. It was her chance to run while her owner thought she was asleep. She tried to move, but she thought it would never happen again. Her eyes gently closed until she saw nothing. All the sudden she watched as she was put back in the cage and set in the hammock. She tried to get out as fast as she could, her nail caught the fabric. The door closed gently. Her owner just kept looking. She finally got out of the fabric, watching her owner walk away. Standing next to the cage, she decided to eat some food. When she got full, she passed the time again by going back to sleep. When she woke up, she saw her owner!

That is what it is like to be a ferret.

3/6/2009 08:52:51 am

This is not really a story, well it kind of is. Under my webkinz tab, I have a webkinz health warning, and it is really a warning. I just got done feeding my webkinz. It cost me $3,000.00! I am poor now. If you have a webkinz account, I suggest you look at it, QUICK! I feed my webkinz cupcakes ( their cheep and they higher hunger and happiness) and raisins (they were on sale and they higher hunger and health). Really any kind of sweet could substitute for a cupcake and any healthy food can substitute raisins, but right now(while the raisins are on sale) this is the cheapest. I might of found a way to slow the health drop down…

1. Log out, don’t “x” out
2. Check on them as often as you can( if possible 1 time a day)
3. Feed them

savannah burns
3/6/2009 08:57:52 am

One time when we were at our local pool in utah i saw a cool slide. I had never been on it before so i tried it. It really hurt my back. Before i was scared cuz people had died on that ride. I decided to go on it though and i had a lot of fun!!
- savannah

3/6/2009 09:37:53 am

wow savannah, if i were you, i wouldn't even go near the pool.

veronica-true story
3/6/2009 10:27:11 pm

My family and I have a pontoon boat that we take out maybe 4 times a month during summer vacation. We were going to one of our last stops. The water was very clear from the way the sun was hitting it. My 3 favorite spots in the lake are right in front of a bridge, in a cove on the other side of a different bridge, and next to a little bit of land that extends into the lake. We were in front of one of the bridges. I started to go fishing. I was the only one fishing because it was late and everyone wanted to relax. I cast my line in for the last time that day. All of the sudden, I saw a big shadow. I thought it saw a shadow from my family. It came closer to my line. I realized I caught a 1 ½ ft. fish. I was so excided, and I welled it in to fast. The fish was too strong and it escaped. Then we went home.

3/7/2009 04:48:44 am

One time I was doing a church play. I had to sing and run at the beginning. i stubbed my toe and i still did the whole play even though it hurt. a few days later the doctor told me my toe was broken.

3/17/2009 06:26:32 am

While we are in the broken toe theme, I have 2 stories about how I broke my toes.

Broken toe #1: On day, a few years ago, I was playing with my ferret. She started to squiggle around. I thought she had to go to the bathroom. I rushed into my room. I slammed my toe into the corner of the wall. I hopped into my room and put her in her cage and I sat on the bed watching her, and she did not have to go to the bathroom. I took my sock off and I noticed that my toe was scratched up. My mom called my uncle(he is a chiropractor) and he said it was broken.

Broken toe #2: last month it was buddy day in gymnastics. I chose Michelle to come. She was late because she had to go to an art class. While she was gone, our class was doing the vault. We had 3 stations and the one I wads at was where you do a strait jump off the vault. When it was my turn, my big tie twisted and I landed on it, only it, with all of my weight. I fell and almost hit my head off the floor( no springs underneath). I was limping all day. The next day, I went to the doctor to get an x-ray. They sent us to another hospital and we got the x-rays about 3 days later. It was broken.

3/17/2009 08:59:30 am

i didn't know if you noticed, but in broken toe #2, tie is supposed to be toe and at the beginning, the "l" in last is supposed to be a capital.

3/18/2009 09:42:21 am

Tell a story or 2 or more. Don't be affraid to tell an experence. No one will laugh. Have fun and keep writing!

3/19/2009 05:30:12 am

If I cooked a hot lunch for my(evil) teacher

If I cooked a hot lunch for my teacher,
I would make glue and staple stew.
Something that stings when it goes down,
And something that is hard to chew

After I had given her that,
I would give her a yummy cake.
The chocolate icing would be made of mud,
And the dough from the inside of a snake.

Next I would give her water.
I got it fresh from the fish tank.
I made sure I put in a fish,
Although when I put it in, it sank.

Last I would give her something,
Something that you can stir,
Although when she ate it,
Well, too bad it killed her.

When they put her in her coffin,
I made sure I gave her leftover.
Although when I put it in,
It started to overflow her!

3/25/2009 07:15:53 am

One time I saw the Jonas Brother’s concert in person when I was little! They were AWSOME!!

Also all of the stories on this page are AWSOME too!

3/27/2009 09:54:31 am

wow!!!!!!!! what year did you go?

3/27/2009 11:41:31 pm

I think 2002. I'm not possitive. Somewhere around that time.

Veronica- going to vacation soon. (written Monday, June 15, 2009)
6/15/2009 12:37:14 pm

I’m going on vacation until Saturday. I don’t know if it is going to be fun because my dad has a blood clot and he has a big swollen foot. So during our 8 hour drive, we are going t take extra stops. That bugs me for 2 reasons. First, I do not want to spend my birthday at Roy Rogers, the ickiest, greasiest place I think I’ve been to. We are leaving tomorrow, on my birthday! Not fun. Who wants to be on a 8 hour drive during your birthday. My mom mixed up the days. Well back to the second reason. I know it may seem nice getting out of the car to stretch out and eat and stuff, but it is not like that. As soon as you get nice and comfy in the car, you’re out. It gets annoying. Another 2 things I can’t do with my dad are going on long board walk walks and take a walk along the beach. It is like a tradition now. This year we did not get a penthouse. Another thing, my birthday at wildwood Is not that great because we get there at about 5:00pm and it is too lte to start something. My mom says that my birthday can be any day, but it can’t. I can’t just move it to Wednesday. More bad things are, we got a new smaller car and there is almost no room, instead of going for 6 days, we are only going for 5, those 5 days are supposed to be rainy and barely sunny, and out of the five days, I can only play for 3 days because the other days I come here are days I am either coming or leaving. I come to wildwood at about 5:00pm and the last day I leave at 10:00am. On the bright side, I have a lot of new stuff to try. I really hope I didn't forget anything. 8 hour car ride, here I come!!


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