If you have any stories that you would like to share, send a comment. I want to read some of your stories! It could be short or long, but make sure it's intresting. Or if you want to read a story, you can and you can also tell someone you like their story. Also you can send a comment telling someone to write about a story. Your story doesn't even have to be true. It could be about a talking bear that sang to the audiance, or it could be a summery of a book you read. There are some rules. 

(1) it has to be appropriate

(2) it has to be intresting
(3) it can't have personal info in it
(4) make it with the best grammar and spelling you can do
(5) before you send it, make sure you read over it

Tip:  If you want to, you can make it on a program (Paint, corelDRAW, Microsoft Works Word Prosser, ect.) then copy and paste it onto my web. I think it works better.

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    Hi, if you want to read my story, go to comments. I will probably add more stories. I am anxious to read your stories! Keep writing!


    February 2009



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