Scary Stories - ♥♥  Treasure Heart  ♥♥
    This is your chance to tell some scary stories! It could be made up or real. I would appreciate if you titled the genre. Not like mistery, fiction, romance, ect., but like true or made up. For example, veronica-true or veronica-made up or what ever you can think of.
I love to hear scary stories, so keep writing, and enjoy!
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Bella (fake)
12/21/2009 09:37:47 am

I was in my room reading when I heard a knock at the bedroom door. When I opened it, I could of sworn I saw a little girl at the hall. She was pale white and just staired at me. When I went to see where she had went down- stairs, she was gone. I asked my mom last night and she said no one was in the house but her, my dad, me, my brothers and sisters, and my cat Snowflake. We are now going to do call ghost investigaters to help us.

Bella (real)
12/21/2009 09:43:08 am

When I was 6, I was on my swing eating a popsickle when the swing started to move sharply. The wind wasn't dlowing and I was all alone, I'm positive. As soon as I was able to get off, it just stopped, not even moving an inch! On my way back inside, I heard all of these moaning noises.TRUE STORY!

Bella (fake)
2/16/2010 09:23:24 am

we have called the investigaters and they said our house is haunted(dunt da Duh!!).


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