How many pets do you have (fish count)?

A.  1-3
B.  4-6
C.  7 or higher
D. I don't own a pet


What instrements are your favorite?

A.  violin
B.  clarinet
C.  flute
D.  none of the above/other


What is your favorite type of dog?

A.  husky
B.  mix
C.  lab
D.  I hate dogs/I hate those types of dogs
E.  I can't decide/I like them all


What is your favorite subject?

A.  art
B.  gym
C.  music
D.  other


If you could be one of these animals, what would it be?

A.  a type of mamal
B.  a type of fish
C.  a type of bird
D.  other


If you were stranded on an island, for warmth, what would you do?

A.  weave a blanket
B.  burn something
C.  lay out in the sun for a few hours
D.  snuggle up with a furry, harmless animal

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    I'm anxious to know a little bit about you. I answered all of the questions, so you can see what I think.


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