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Hi, if you ever get in a bad predicament, maybe I can help. Don't be shy. If you don't want your comment up long maybe because you don't want a ton or a specific person looking at it, I can delete it and replace it with my advice to you. After I delete it, if you want me to, I won't put your name back on the page. If my advice doesn't work, sorry, I'm just one person. If my advice might work, but you just don't like the plan, tell me and I will try again. I know that happens to me. Make sure you put in a little detail, like how bad your predicaments can get, and what happens before, furring, and/or after you fight. No one will laugh at you. Remember nothing personal like names.

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    Everyone gets into fights, even I do. If you want my help, just tell me and I will do my very best to help you.


    March 2009



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